KP001 ~ The Celtic Harp ~ Released 1998

Jennifer White's first CD Release, Clarsach, is a twelve-track recording that celebrates the revival of this ancient and magical instrument. Released in October of 1998, it is enjoying enthusiastic radio play. The performances are heartfelt, and the selection of original and traditional works was designed to express the many voices of the Celtic harp and a full emotional range.

Clarsach CD Cover

From the time of the ancient Celts, the Clarsach has sung the lives of her people. She was the companion to the Dagda Mor. She rested near to the hearts of ancient bards and spoke their histories. Her voice roused the fearful heart to battle, tickled the unhappy heart to dance, dissolved the hardened heart tears, and soothed the troubled heart to comforting sleep. She sang the praises of the old gods and goddesses, Brighid and Lugh, and celebrated the might and majesty of the old Celts, the Tuatha de Danaan and the Fianna. She illuminated the beauty of other worlds, Tir-nan-Og and the Land-Beneath-the-Waves, and delighted in the mischief of woodland Faerie. But when a new people came to her land, they bound her melodies and hushed her stories. Humbled then, she spoke softly with the blind O'Carolan, and relinquished her songs to fiddle and bagpipe. Then, silence....

....until the old race of storytellers awakened, touched her strings again, and revived her ancient melody of courage, grace and beauty. In a new land, to a new people, she sings her songs once more, songs of an old world and a new.....

Produced by Ben White
Recorded at Signature Sound, R.R.#2 GadsHill, Ontario
Engineered and Mixed by Jay Riehl and Ben White
Mastered by Mike Noack at Swordfish Digital Audio, Hamilton, Ontario
Photography (and Percussion) by Robert McMaster

1. Blue Heron's Flight (orig. jw) 2:23 Solo Harp
2. Willow (orig. jw) 3:00 Solo Harp
3. Oisin: The White Horses/The Fianna (Sound Bite) (orig. jw) 4:22 Harp, Percussion & Pennywhistle
4. Drifting (orig. jw) 3:25 Solo Harp
5. Faerie Thyme (orig. jw) 3:00 Solo Harp
6. The Legend of Knockgrafton (orig. jw) 3:25 Harp, Foley, Vocal, Chime
7. Sheebeg & Sheemor (trad. arr. jw) 2:25 Solo Harp
8. A Jig for the Autumn Wind (orig. jw) 2:31 Harp, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
9. The Selkie's Dream (orig. jw) 3:52 Harp, Ocean Drum, Vocal
10. The Rights of Man (trad. arr. jw) 3:29 Harps, Percussion & Pennywhistle
11. Brighid's Dance (orig. jw) 2:46 Solo Harp
12. Loch Lomond (Sound Bite) (trad. arr, jw & bw) 5:04 Harp, Vocals, Fiddle (Darrin Schott)

TOTAL PLAYING TIME is approximately 40 minutes



*From the Clarsach CD liner notes

Photography by Robert McMaster
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