Knockgrafton Productions
Where magick is afoot!

Knockgrafton Productions is the indie record label, music publisher and artist management company representing Jennifer White. Knockgrafton Productions produced and released Jennifer's debut recording, Clarsach in 1998 (KP001).

The name Knockgrafton comes from an Irish folktale by T. Crofton Croker titled "The Legend of Knockgrafton". In it, a poor hump-backed man lends his musical assistance to the Faeries at Knockgrafton. They are so delighted with his help and musical skill that they take him into the Faerie realm, remove his hump and send him dancing home in a new suit of clothes. The Legend is a tale of the generous heart and the transformative power of music.

The "mission" of Knockgrafton Productions is to uplift and transform the human spirit through music and story, to free listeners, even temporarily, of the weight and burden of everyday cares and troubles. It is hoped that everyone will take with them, back into their everyday lives, some of the contagious magick of Faerie.

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